Play for Chariseio nursing home campaign

Thess-AHALL organized the socially innovative campaign “Play for Chariseio nursing home”. Working on social innovation, Thess-AHALL invited all senior citizens to visit the nursing home, which an operational part of Thess-AHALL, meet with the residents, play serious games (SG) through the LLM Care platform ( and donate their “playing points” in order for nursing home to be facilitated with an extra SG workstation.

Thess-AHALL (Thessaloniki Active and Healthy Ageing Living Lab), continuing its long lasting collaboration with the Chariseio nursing home of Thessaloniki, organized for the first time this December the campaign “Play for Chariseio”. The campaign lasted between 12-30 of December 2016 and it was open to the public, especially senior citizens.

Over the last year, seniors living in Chariseio were engaged in daily cognitive and physical training exercises blended with serious games. As part of the Thess-AHALL activities, the LLMCare services, consisting of the webFitForAll exergaming platform ( and the BrainHQ cognitive games platform (, were installed in Chariseio, where. a technology showroom for healthcare related experiments and pilots, similar to the one located in the Lab of Medical Physics (in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). The comfortable showroom resembles the living room of a real home and has the capacity to host more than 6-7 people at the same time.

Working on new strategies, concepts and ideas in promoting social innovation, by involving all stakeholders, Thess-AHALL employed gamification techniques with social impact, in line with the outcomes of the European Summit on Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing ( to which Thess-AHALL participated as an EIP on AHA Candidate Reference Site ( The campaign “Play for Chariseio” was an attempt to engage all citizens of Thessaloniki in threefold activities: (i) visit the nursing home, meet its residents and personnel and socialise with them (ii) become familiar with gamification technologies and living labs, (iii) sensitise their social responsibility culture through the donation strategy. The latter two, where enhanced by a process in which there was a gradual increase of engagement interest: the more citizens played, the more points were collected.

The goal was the collection of 500 points (each visit was estimated to have donated about 20 points). As part of the Thess-AHALL’s services and approach quality evaluation, the campaign allowed the citizens to visit the nursing home as many times as they wanted. However, every visit was contributing differently to the final goal. The first 3 visits where a donation to the nursing home, the 4th incentive was a personal gift (instead of donating) while after the 5th one, they could play the games for their personal enjoyment.

1st Visit Donate points
2nd Visit Donator List
3rd Visit Loyal donator
4th Visit Discount 10% on LLM Care products
5th Visit Loyal to exergames – Become a Gold donor

It is important to mention that the campaign was supported by the nursing home residents who also participated in campaign advertising videos with a warm welcome to all citizens (this was very much along the contemporary ideas of co-creation).

For most citizens this was a new experience in many fronts, since they visited a nursing home for the first time, they interacted with a nursing home’s residents for the first time and they played and enjoyed serious games for the first time. On the other hand, residents were delighted to be visited by citizens during the festive days of the Christmas period, discussing and interacting with them.

To conclude, Thess-AHALL combines social innovation with healthcare advancements to bring together all stakeholders. The continuously growing network of elderly people playing serious game and the healthcare professional advising and experimenting is being opened by Thess-AHALL to other researchers to remotely develop and experiment their serious games through the webFitForAll platform ( Other living labs can also join as trial sites thereby supporting and collaborating with other researchers and developers, delivering high quality services to their own senior members and experimenting with serious games and co-creation methodologies.