Play for the WPD2017 campaign

Thess-AHALL, continuing the serious games campaigns in the social innovation perspective, organized the World Parkinson’s Day 2017 campaign “Celebration on the streets”. The Play for the Parkinson’s Association took place on the 8th and 9th of April 2017, two days before the World Parkinson’s Day.

A play kiosk was place in the most crowed place of Thessaloniki, the Artistotelous square. Parkinson’s patients, friends of the association as well as all people passing by the kiosk were informed for the disease through leaflets and invited to “Play for the Parkinson’s Association”. A large TV set, a Kinect and the webFitForAll ( (part of the LLMCare service, were the main interfaces for the volunteers (donators). Playing a couple of games such as collecting apples, fishing, breaking bricks with a virtual ball, golf, etc., they were donating 10 points.

The target of the 1000 points was reached in the evening of the second day and the Parkinson’s Association won prizes from the campaign’s sponsors. A tablet (provided by the Northern Greece Neurofeedback Center, and a printer (provided by the IPPartners ICT systems and services,

In summary, 142 volunteers played 665 games and collected 1095 points and 12850 in-game performance metrics. The campaign and its social innovation impact was presented on the World Parkinson’s Day event which took place at the City Hall of Thessaloniki on 11 April 2017. The Parkinson’s disease patients were glad that such a campaign achieved to attract people at the kiosk because apart from playing the same games with the ones the patients are engaged too, they had also the opportunity to be informed about the disease and the association.